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An impact-driven ORGANIZATION

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Our Mission

The Anchor Impact Fund is a Tennessee 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation formed for charitable and educational purposes to promote community engagement and strengthen local community charitable organizations and initiatives. Specifically, the Anchor Impact Fund provides opportunities for Vanderbilt student-athletes to learn about community and civic engagement and use their name, image and likeness to participate in and promote local charitable causes. This initiative will also bring much-needed public awareness and attention primarily to underserved local community organizations and initiatives.  

Photo: Hustler Multimedia/Miguel Beristain

 Development & Education

The Anchor Impact Fund helps student-athletes become community leaders through connecting them with charitable organizations with which they are missionally aligned. By developing and educating them as community leaders, we strengthen Vanderbilt’s commitment to civic engagement and strengthen the connection between student-athletes and the Middle Tennessee community.

increased Awareness

While all charities in Middle Tennessee are eligible to participate at no cost, we want to focus on developing partnerships with organizations that do important work in the community without robust resources or community awareness. Through social media posts and personal appearances, our student-athletes will signal boost this important work, promoting community engagement with these organizations.

 Broad-based participation

Our organization is not limited to particular athletes or specific sports. We want every student-athlete who has an interest in bettering our community to be able to participate in the Anchor Impact Fund – and we can ensure that through raising the necessary funds. We believe that this kind of broad-based participation reinforces the values of teamwork, commitment to a common goal, and shared sacrifice.

student-athlete Compensation

The Anchor Impact Fund creates name, image and likeness opportunities for Vanderbilt student-athletes while making a positive impact on their community. Through donor contributions, we empower athletes to shine a light on nonprofit partners through social media posts, personal appearances, and other services. Our system is built to provide fair and reasonable compensation for each participating student-athlete, equipped with minimum/maximum earning potentials.

What Anchors Us

"At Vanderbilt, our mission is to be the preeminent student-athlete model in college athletics. We are committed not only to excellence in athletics but also to utilizing our athletics platform as a holistic model for the academic, personal, and professional development of our student-athletes. The Anchor Impact Fund presents another unique opportunity for our student-athletes to utilize their name, image, and likeness for the greater good and deepen their impact in our communities.”

HEAR FROM THE Athletic Director

 Candice Lee, Vanderbilt Athletic Director

“I enjoy seeing our guys on the front end of a community effort, working on a good cause, because I feel like they have the ability to shine in areas that are bigger than baseball. Working with the Anchor Impact Fund provides them the opportunity to grow as young men while giving something back to our community. I am excited for them to be a part of this important initiative.”


 Tim Corbin, Vanderbilt Baseball Coach

“We want our program to be others-centered, with a focus on serving the communities that we are fortunate to be a part of. The Anchor Impact Fund provides our players this opportunity and fits in lockstep with our program’s mission. I am excited about this partnership and look forward to our players being involved with something that will set the course for a lifelong commitment to giving back.”


Clark Lea, Vanderbilt Football Coach

“We work hard every day in the gym, looking at film, to get better at basketball, at X’s and O’s … Everyone in that locker room wants to win basketball games. But I also want our guys to win at the game of life, to develop not only as basketball players but also as leaders and young men. Support for the Anchor Impact Fund provides our student-athletes opportunities to get involved in good causes, to lead by example and to have an impact. The Anchor Impact Fund is important to us.”


Jerry Stackhouse, Vanderbilt Men’s Basketball Coach

“Our Vanderbilt women’s basketball program is fiercely committed to the holistic development of our student-athletes. Working with the Anchor Impact Fund gives us the opportunity to get out into the Nashville community and partner with nonprofit organizations where we can make a real difference in the lives of others. When we learn how to invest in positive action that can foster needed change, we grow ourselves as humans. We are grateful to the Anchor Impact Fund for giving our athletes this platform to make a difference.”


Shea Ralph, Vanderbilt Women's Basketball Coach

 “We believe in working to be excellent in everything we do. The Anchor Impact Fund will help our guys continue to strive for that in our communities and to have a positive impact on the Nashville community. We have been given so much, and this will help them continue to grow as young men by giving back. It is very exciting for them to get to be a part of the Anchor Impact Fund.”


Scott Limbaugh, Vanderbilt Men’s Golf Coach

“I’m excited about the opportunity for these young women to be involved with the Anchor Impact Fund and to be able to make an impact in our local community. I get to see them shine every day in the classroom and on the golf course. Now it’s time to let their light shine with the charities that mean so much to the Middle Tennessee area.”


Greg Allen, Vanderbilt Women’s Golf Coach

Photo: Hustler Multimedia/Miguel Beristain

How the Anchor Impact Fund helps Vanderbilt student-athletes utilize their platform for the good of Middle Tennessee 

what we do

How It Works


Step 1

Donations are made to the Anchor Impact Fund.

Student Athletes

Step 2

Vanderbilt student-athletes register online to participate.


Step 3

Charities register online to be eligible to participate.


Step 4

The Anchor Impact Fund matches student-athletes and charities.


Step 5

Student-athletes receive reasonable compensation once impactful services are rendered to charities.

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